“Trolling Truths” - the new updated and revised edition by Sep & Marilyn covers intricacies of trolling for trout, kokanee and landlocked king salmon.

Tried and true techniques are compiled into this comprehensive book, detailing often over-looked basics that can assist the angler in catching more fish.  Sep and Marilyn developed Sep’s Pro Fishing Inc., and designed ultra-light tackle for the enjoyment of catching fish, changing the concepts of trolling. 

The book covers their philosophy, developed after many years of trolling Northern California lakes and locations throughout the West.

The book covers how-to, as well as why, when and where…like the Hendrickson’s say…”catching fish is a matter of being in the right place at the right time, at the right depth, at the right speed, with the right lure, in the right color, with the correct action and proper presentation”.  “Trolling Truths” …available at your favorite tackle store, or…click the button, and have it delivered right to you!

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