EAGLE LAKE OPENER Saturday, May 28, 2016

Glorious, perfect weather was the back-drop for the many anglers who headed to Eagle Lake for opening weekend!  No shortage of fishermen, just maybe a shortage of fish, for some.  Trophy rainbow trout hadn’t heard a boat or seen a hook since the end of December and although, according to anglers, the bites were many, fish in the net were a bit scarce!  The day after, on Sunday, fish were still hiding, but by Tuesday/Wednesday they were cautious, but could be caught.  Guide Cliff Spediacci’s dad caught two very nice trout, 19” 2-1/2# and 21” 3-1/4#.

Many die-hard anglers started the parade of vehicles and boats early around 4:00AM Saturday, heading from Spalding Tract to the launch ramp at the south end.  Launching is still not quite possible at Spalding, but the main water supply to the Lake, Pine Creek, has been running for four months and has made a tremendous difference.  Water is visible at the base of the newly extended launch ramp and it looks like another year of good flow will make launching a reality!  The familiar tules are not very tall yet, but very green!

Launching went well as Forest Service personnel and Eagle Lake Marina folks had the ramp activity well organized.  Fisheries Biologist Paul Divine was on hand with his crew to weigh and measure fish as anglers headed to the cleaning station.  Took awhile as fishermen lingered on the calm water, enjoying the day. 

The weekend proved to be one of total enjoyment and relaxation.  Fishermen brought families to Spalding, with motorhomes, trailers, tents, wives, kids, bikes, ATVs and dogs.  Folks were having fun, at the cabins and in the RV Park and Store.  Sep did a “California Sportsmen” radio bit from the Store – Kate Arnold and Gwen Beck were ready for the crowd!!

Banners were hung, announcing the Saturday, July 2nd CIFFI Project Eagle Lake Trout Annual Independence Day Celebration.  This is a huge family fun-filled event, now a tradition for many, held at the RV Park and Store, with hot dogs, hamburgers, Giant Raffle, Special FREE Kids Raffle, horseshoes, music, games, and more.  For more info call 530.825.3133.  It’s a great fun day and you’re invited to attend!

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